14.9.2018 - 15.9.2018, EXPO CENTER, Trenčín

Trenčín – the City of Fashion

The city of Trenčín combines the long-standing tradition of exhibitions and trade fairs associated with various industries. Among the most popular events in the clothing industry it was the exhibition Trenčín – The City of Fashion, whose history dates back to 1963.The first time it was held under the name The Exhibition of products by Trenčin textile and clothing Industry in Racing Club of Merina Trenčín. Since 1970 the exhibition passed under VHJ Slovakotex, and since 2007 under the Expo Center a.s. Trenčín. Well, and in 2008 closed its door definitively.


Garment industry was introduced in Trenčín by the factory owner Jan Nehera from Prostějov. The first ready-to-wear collection was made in 1939 in a workshop on Palackého Street. A year later he bought the lands “Za mostami” on the right bank of Váh river, where he built the production halls. The factory, which employed almost 200 people, was inaugurated and consecrated on 24th August, 1940. It served as a cornerstone of the garment giant Odeva created in 1948.



We think that right now is a big return to honest domestic production, return to crafts, manual folk creativity. Many new clothing companies, private manufactories, manufacturers and designers have grown, who supply the market with really good products, clothing, accessories, jewelry, and we want to introduce them to the general public. We want to present the best, the finest and the most original that is currently being produced in Slovakia and in the Czech Republic, our aim also is to revive the Fair with foreign quality production from Hungary, Austria and Poland.


Become Part of TMM

Join the exhibitors and quality fashion brands such as Tatrasvit, ZDA Partizánske, LUZ Atelier, Yoora Studio, Avenir, KATTIVA, LEMONKY, SANKA, PARTA and many others to present your quality Slovak art to both the professional and the general public at the biggest event focused on Fashion in Slovakia! If you have any questions or suggestions do not hesitate to contact us!

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