Zlatá fatima

Traditional and prestigious competition for fashion makers

Product of the year

A jury of experts will assess the overall aesthetic appeal of a registered exhibit, the idea behind, its originality, fitness of the material used, as well as its practical value – functionality, health and hygienic harmlessness. The deadline for applicants is 31/08/2017.

The best garment company

A jury of experts will assess the overall quality of garments made by companies, creativity, trendiness, manufacturing processes, brand image, position on the market, and, last but not the least, customer satisfaction and reviews. The deadline for applicants is 31/08/2017.

Manufacturer of hand-made products

A jury of experts will above all assess the quality of products offered, their originality, emphasis on traditions and traditional manufacturing processes. The deadline for applicants is 31/08/2017.     

Come and Join us at TMM

Joint the exhibitors such as BEPON, ZDA Partizánske, Andrea Martiny and present your quality works to thousands of people at the biggest fashion event in Slovakia! If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

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Katarína Kadlecajová

Account manager

Ultramax, s.r.o

M. Turkovej 46

91101 Trenčín