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Why to participate?

  • improve your company’s image
  • do a real market survey
  • strengthen your company´s competitiveness
  • business should be done on the human-with-human basis, not human-with-computer basis
  • make your company visible
  • an opportunity to sell your products (sales pavilions)
  • an opportunity to reach clients (contracting pavilions)
  • an opportunity to establish a presence of your company in any particular region
  • stabilise your brand and enhance its credibility
  • map the current market needs
  • show your uniqueness
  • learn to really attract customers


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Zlatá fatima

Only a company may register to the competition Golden Fatima, a hand-made producer, which will directly exhibit at the exhibition Trenčín, City of Fashion 2017. If you register to our competition Golden Fatima, you will find all the details about the competition in the section “Accompanying events”, where you can study the system of the competition and award of prizes in more detail.

I want to participate in the ZLATÁ FATIMA competition in the following category:

Product of the year
The best garment company
Manufacturer of hand-made products

I hereby place a binding order of

Exhibition stand

Exhibition registration fee is € 40. It will be included in the invoice. The price of 1 m2 of a rented area is € 40.

Specify the area in m2 *

Construction of an exhibition stand

If you are interested to have your stand built by our architect, we are attaching his direct contact: Ing. arch. Milan Rožník. You can agree the set-up of your stand in detail. Email:, Mobile phone: +421 903 724 878.

Map of EXPO Center