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14.9.2018 - 15.9.2018, EXPO CENTER, Trenčín

COMPETITOR TOP designer of the year 2018

Ultramax Company, the organizer of the Trenčín Fashion Exhibition, announces the 2nd year of the public competition: TOP Designer of the Year for the Slovak and the Czech Republic.

Goal of the competition:

The aim of the Competiotion is to encourage and highlight young talented fashion designers. Young students, designers of age from 17 to 32 can register. The theme is voluntary, everyone can show his own style. A maximum of 7 designers will move to the Final for the TMM exhibition. Their will be elected through professional jury the Chairwoman of which will be the prestigious fashion journalist PhDr. Dana Lapšanská.

 The Winner of the competition The TOP Designer of the Year will win:

– Mediation through our media partners
– the possibility of editing your winning collection in the fashion magazine EVA
– Exclusive statuette from the art glass of Achilleas Sdoukosa
– možnosť prezentácie svojej kolekcie na výstave Trenčín Mesto Módy 2018

Type of competition:

Public, non-anonymous, intended for high school and university graduates with a professional background. The applicant must be over 17 years of age and under 30, permanent or temporary stay in the Slovak Republic and the Czech Republic.

Terms of the competition:

  • Complete application form
  • Drawings and documents to a collection of 6 or more competition models (at least 6 complete outfits) according to the specification


  1. Minimum 6 up to 10 A4 drawings (you can also send the drawings via email)
  2. Write the name of your collection
  3. Technical description (cutting solutions, used material)

All drawings and materials must be numbered and marked with the author’s name.

Collections can also be masters, somehow introduced.


The Chairwoman of the Jury will be a respected fashion journalist and fashion adviser – PhDr. Dana Lapšanská.

PhDr. Dana Lapšanská – fashion journalist and fashion marketing expert
Doc. Josef Ťaptuch, akad. mal. – academic painter, professor of design and marketing LE cole Superieure des Arts Decoratifs in Paris
Doc. Júlia Sabová, akad. mal. – Head of the Apparel Design Studio at the Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava
MgA. Kristýna Petříčková – Head of the Design Studio at Tomas Bata University in Zlín
MgA. Jena Šimková – fashion photographer
Katarína Patrvarošová – editor-in-chief of Fashion magazine EVA
Ing. Milan Porubský – owner of Uniontex, long-time director of Slovakotex in Trenčín

At the 2nd edition of the TMM exhibition, the following designers will compete for the title “TOP Designer of the Year 2018”

1. Vivien BABICOVÁ
2. Pavol DENDIS
4. Petra KOVACS
5. Dominika KOZÁKOVÁ
6. Lukáš KRNÁČ

They will show their collection on September 15, 2018 in front of the Professional Jury with public participation in Pavilion No.7. On Saturday, at the same time, the winners of each category will be announced, and one of the fashion designers will become the TOP designer of the year.

Rating and Criteria:

  • creativity, originality and innovation
  • drawing skills
  • the way the subject is processed and taking a look at current fashion trends
  • technical and technological excellence
  • compliance of aesthetic and functional solution
  • choice of material and color sensation


  • Deadline for submission of applications and documentation: 30.6.2018
  • Competitive designs will be brought to the TMM Exhibition in 15th of September, 2018

Signing up the competition:

Download Application HERE

The phenomenon of modern globalization is, in addition to the transnational association of cultures, a greater effort to maintain its own cultural and national awareness. Many times, it has been said that Slovakia has a great creative and intellectual human potential in various sectors, but it is not always the job of keeping it at home. And it is even not different in the field of fashion design. Only a few names of great Slovak designers are known to our public.

The TOP Designer of the Year” project was created with Aim to support young talented designers in fashion design, to link fashion to everyday modern life and to revive domestic manufacturing and production. Due to the lack of space for the presentation of domestic production, limited possibilities for realization, the Project is a great benefit for a wider group of people.

Fashion is a cultural sector, and culture builds a mature society. Therefore, the goal is to create a space for culture and to shape the taste of people in an acceptable way.

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