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14.9.2018 - 15.9.2018, EXPO CENTER, Trenčín

Jana Jankovičová

Exhibition Manager TMM, Chief Coordinator

The idea of rebirth of the legend of Trenčín – fashion Exhibition Trenčín the City of Fashion I have been carrying in my head for a long time, but now I feel that the right time to revive it has come. The main motive behind this courageous idea was the fact that today people are starting to return to the traditions, product quality and brand credibility. Those are very important attributes since there is nothing more important in business as well as in ordinary life, such as direct contact with the manufacturer, his products, simply contacting man with man. What’s important is the fact that there in Slovakia and Czech Republic has grown a great number of quality young companies, clothing companies, hand-made manufacturers, fashion designers, who deserve a decent platform where everyone could present themselves and be visible directly to their potential customers at least once a year. We believe that our effort and sincere intention will make people successful and, above all, succeed in making this exhibition again a regular tradition.

I am very pleased that the first re-born of the TMM 2017 exhibition had exceeded our expectations. It has met not only expectations of ours but also our exhibitors and especially the visitors of the exhibition. We are already preparing for you the 2nd year in our direction and we believe we will again bring you gorgeous clothing companies, hand-made manufacturers and fashion designers. The TMM exhibition is exceptional by the fact that besides the possibility of contracting good quality goods to your shops and boutiques, you can also buy these high-quality products directly at the exhibition for discounted price sessions. The exhibitors are looking forward to you and they are now preparing new trendy clothing and accessories to please you.

A new feature at TMM 2018 will be the participation of several quality schools to present their talented students, as in the garment, shoe or jewelery industry. You will be allowed to buy these unique pieces at the show to support these young talents. Another novelty will be that when we want to go with time and attract young people to our show, we invite this year as exhibitors also high-quality Internet companies in Slovakia, eshops that offer and sell things only over the Internet. We choose companies from Slovakia and Czech, offering a quality and inexpensive fashion for young people who love street style, rap and hip-hop. It’s original, faded, trendy and “chic” fashion. Not every good eshop the young people know and we wish to present them the best ones in our show to promote honest manufacturers especially in Slovakia, not the eshops from China. To show them how to choose eco clothing that does not destroy the planet but, on the contrary, it saves it. Have you ever seen how much of your garbage is made up of clothing? Or, how did the jeans paint in China and what does it do with the environment? Sustainable fashion is not just a concept but a real threat. What should be in our wardrobes is not a crocodile handbag but a 100% recycled handbag. Eco is what is being worn and what benefit to our country much more than killing animals and grazing rainforests. Eco fashion is not boring at all, and we will introduce you several leading Slovak internet shops focused on sustainable and modern eco fashion!


Filip Jankovič

Creative Producer

To recover its legend to Trenčín City – the exhibition Trenčín The city of Fashion was very exciting to me. Only a madman like my mom is could have gotten into something like that. With the idea of re-establishing the exhibition she had been playing for over a year, but by the end of 2016 only she has definitely decided fully go into it. I remember being there as a little 3-year-old boy, she was doing a model for Slovakotex. I was very proud of her. Later, as a 7-year-old, I showed the fashion on the Fashion Show as my mum started organizing Fashion Shows for the exhibitors and, of course, involved me in. I simply knew that she and I would come back again.

We also cooperate with my sister Dominica, who will be in charge of all Fashion Shows for exhibitors as the main stylist. I’m in charge of the full two-day program, his dramaturgy and also the gala mastering “The Legend Returns” along with the production company STarts. Our two brothers, Hugo and Marcus, act as models, so they will participate in the show too. We believe that we will be able to prepare and successfully renew a meaningful exhibition, celebrate fashion, establish new contacts, but especially meet a large number of interesting Slovak manufacturers and the honest human creative work. I can not wait!


Mária Kachutová Čírová

Charity TMM Ambassador

The 2nd year of clothing exhibition Trenčín The City of Fashion will be carried in the sign of charity. Helping those who need it most we – companies IBISMODA and Ultramax care for years. Even when organizing the Trenčín The City of Fashion Exhibition we are not going to make any exception. Through our Exhibitors we have decided to help to selected orphanages and crisis centers in Slovakia. We do not want to duplicate the role of the state, but we realize that there is still not enough financial support available for them for the decent running of their facilities. That’s why we’ve decided to help, and through our great sponsors and exhibitors, continuously deliver new clothes, accessories, toys, and other important things to these Institutions. Ambassador for charity within the exhibition Trenčín The City of Fashion became charismatic singer Mária Kachútová Čírová. Maria was very willing to accept our offer and the idea of joining forces for a good thing and through our quality Slovak exhibitors to dedicate to the orphanages and crisis centers the necessary things for them. We are excited that the interest of exhibitors to devote their products to charity is increasing and we appreciate that great share is thank to Mária´s charisma and her inner humility.

During the exhibition we will inform you about which company has devoted its products to charity. At the same time, through the nonprofit organization Smile as a Gift, we will provide dedicated things to those who most need it, whether children in orphanages or mothers and women in crisis centers.


Ivana Gáborik & Katarína Jakeš

Ambassadors of the Slovak Fashion TMM

Also this year the exhibition of TMM will present to the professional but also to the broad public the quality Slovak clothing companies, skilled handmade creators and talented fashion designers. Our goal is to support and highlight as bigger as also smaller Slovak manufacturers, who make so-called “slow fashion”. It relies on the idea of manufacturing smaller numbers of clothing, but it is more interesting and superior, from the children’s clothing to ladies’ and men’s fashion.

We have many talented fashion designers in Slovakia who create their own designer brands and adhere to the principles of slow fashion. Among them is definitely the brand KATTIVA, which was founded and fully started by two beautiful, sympathetic businesswomen Ivan Gáborík and Katka Jakeš Štumpfová. Their goal is to produce quality and trendy models made from high quality materials to make women feel comfortable and unique. They do their job accurately, responsibly and with love, prefer wearable fashion that meets high quality criteria.

Their goal is to bring to Slovak women and girls up-to-date fashion trends in clothing and accessories at an affordable price. That is why we are honored that these beautiful and purposeful women – entrepreneurs have become Ambassadors of Slovak fashion at the TMM exhibition. Their catchword is clear and concise “Let all stylish women live!”


Karin Haydu

Ambassador of TMM Exhibition

“In spring we met together with Mrs. Jankovic, who came to see me with the offer, whether I would accept the role of becoming the Ambassador of the Trenčín City of Fashion of 2017. I have seen this lady for several years, and I have always associated her with successful projects, that´s why I was pleased and honored by her offer. To be a part of Birth, respectively the Rebirth of something such legendary as TMM definitely is, I think it is a great honor. I like the traditions, handicrafts, I enjoy creating, knitting, painting the pictures, manufacturing of traditional Easter waxes, various collages, skates knitting and decoupage. I just make advice. And that is exactly what is going on in this meaningful project. Creation of Slovak, Czech and foreign manufacturers, who have a unique opportunity to adequately present themselves at a single similar fair in Slovakia. I think that this imaginative zero year will be an attraction not only for the exhibitors themselves but especially for Exhibition´s visitors of all ages for whom an attractive program, including cultural, is ready. I’m looking forward to being part of it.”

Become Part of TMM

Join the exhibitors and quality fashion brands such as Tatrasvit, ZDA Partizánske, LUZ Atelier, Yoora Studio, Avenir, KATTIVA, LEMONKY, SANKA, PARTA and many others to present your quality Slovak art to both the professional and the general public at the biggest event focused on Fashion in Slovakia! If you have any questions or suggestions do not hesitate to contact us!

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